Perpetual war? 

The case of kulbhushan jadhav should make one thing clear that Pakistan is in no mood to let go of it pursuit for strategic equivalence with India not withstanding the differences in geography, economy & the goodwill India has garnered over last seven decades. It would be foolhardy on part of pacifists now to believe that talks & dialogue with pakistan would bring normalisation in relations between estranged brothers. This episode also reaffirms that civil government in Pakistan is not in control over its strategy for foreign relations & defense. Army establishment regards any normalisation in relations as a threat to its primacy in Pakistani society.

China has a vested interest in keeping India in regional quagmires as seeks to regain the leadership in 21st century. It has never let go of any opportunity to signal to us that we are not noteworthy of the global space that it so willingly wants for itself. Its blocking of Security Council resolution to declare JeM as a terrorist organization is one such attempt. It has been very careful in cultivating a relationship that serves both sides. 

If India finds itself in such a state where it feels threatened by two of its neighbors, the blame must squarely be laid at the door of the type of polity practiced & scant attention paid for economic development in real sense rather than fantasy ridden socialist framework. The democracy as practiced in India has done a great deal of harm to nation, in the name of democracy,  farcical secularism has been practiced where the contempt & criticism are reserved for majority communalism or which could be called reaction to perceived or real alienation & feeling of being cheated,while we either unknowingly ignore the minority fundamentalism & extremism or are really afraid of the reaction from learned elites around us. In order to preserve secularism what has replaced the our much prized democracy is a kind of third grade democracy filled with avarice & corruption prone politicians, religious leaders & academicians. 

China has done which is unparalleled in human history ie. lifting around 600 million people out of poverty. We cannot even do that in coming two decades even by lowering the threshold of poverty definition. The capital in the hands of Chinese allows them to alter narratives around the world, where as we have to rely on our culture & shared values with west even to ask them to strike a balance in their approach vis a vis India. China has employed its brute efficiency in giving effect to its projects like OBOR & maritime trade routes. This has in turn emboldened the hipe of Pakistan to take on India although not conventionally but by employing clandestine elements to needle India on a daily basis. Otherwise which sane nstion would all its soldiers to be martyred on international border on a daily basis. One day its shelling, the next day its decapitation. There is no greatness in bowing & being humbled by an adversary much smaller & weaker than you. Its a weakness that has afflicted India atleast from Gandhi-Nehru era. Had the issue of Pakistan Kashmir been handled on a different note and through the ruled of real politk rather than idealism of gandhi, perhaps the equations would have been less complicated.

Normalisation of deviance? 

Sanjay Hegde who is known for his left leaning views says that cow vigilantism is a result of normalisation of the deviance. The argument he makes is that Ambedkar had accepted the amendments to constitution as result of compromise to pacify hindu nationalists. But the same argument can be made about the leeway granted to muslims in the name of secularism to continue with practices which belong to the 7th century tribal land rather than 21st century India. 

One can’t blame sanjay, for it is expected of pseudo seculars, who claim to be the sole repository of modernity, secularism, wisdom & knowledge, to be not able to make convincing arguments and without a preconcieved notion of agenda they want to further. Similar arguments can be made about the spectacular blunder on part of much revered Nehru chachaji, his political immaturity over issues such Kashmir and tibet are costing India till this day. Had we forced the maharaja hari singh to accede to Indian Union rather than waiting for pakistani tribesmen to launch an attack, the situation would have been certainly different. The compromise made in the form of A370 was perhaps one such case of normalisation of deviance.  One thing that must be clear to Sanjay and his ilk is that there is no possibility of going back on A370 without a bloodbath, in an already volatile Valley of Kashmir. And the arguments forwarded by such doves on every occasion or perhaps terrorist attack launched from pakistani side is that India must continue talks and offer some consolation to the suffering kashmiri people and seperatists. Isn’t that another case of normalisation of the deviance?. 

Another classic case of hypocrisy is the normalisation of the islamisation the world over, west to be specific. When so called femenists come out in support of burqa,  you know how deviance is creeping the world over. These are probably not the best of times for left & liberals. One can look at the rot prevailing in their thinking and acts for the reasons. One must start from the unconvincing and biased arguments of Sanjay and his brigade. 

Jallikattu saga!

The alacrity shown by central government  and state government and the silence prevailing in our otherwise chaotic polity be it right or left is unprecedented. What started as a spontaneous movement yet peaceful in its approach was soon to be captured by anti social elements with fomenting of anti establishment feelings, reminiscent of anti Hindi agitations of 60s. It was as if the Tamil state was sitting atop a volcano, with this saga acting as a vent to release all that it hides. This particular incident is very confusing for me. I’m a conservative Indian & an animal enthusiast. I believe that cultures should be aligned with modern practices, specially when it hurts non human world. But the argument of those supporting the call to ban this event that animals suffering can’t be justified in the name of tradition is not convincing enough to me. Shouldn’t by the same logic, culling of same bulls by muslims on eid, a tradition carried on since 7th century should also stop? I haven’t heard the same organizations now cheering for animal rights voice their concern for animals. Its akin to saying, we can kill but mustn’t torture. Why are we not able to condemn both sides of story? Putting aside this, what about millions of organisms being hunted & killed every day, those being served in KFC, in restaurants & hotels. 

Truth is, everything group, is a profession now a days, animal rights group are a part of it too, as long as it tastes good on our buds and helps in fulfilling our material needs, we are liable to be blinded to pain & suffering of organisms.